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Air pollution is a serious problem that affects trillions of people around the world. It is said that air pollution cuts life expectancy by 20 months in China and six months in the United States. Some actually argue that it is not a thing of the past and we are doing nothing about it. However, there are several ways to reduce air pollution by creating better habits, using new technology, and many other things. One of the most important ways is to protect the environment and stop air pollution. Another way is to create fuel-efficient vehicles. The last way is to bring the government and law enforcement together to take action against those who pollute the air. There are many things we can do, but there are far too many people that are unaware of this issue. We need to inform people that pollution is not good for them and their children.

The report of Texas Commission on Environmental Quality stated that in Texas, the air pollution is increasing every year. The pollution level is so high that the air pollution levels are most affected by cities including Houston. In 2012, Houston has been named as the top smoggiest city in the United States. Based on the report of the Environment Texas Research and Policy Center, Houston releases an average of about 60,000 tons of smog-forming pollution into the air every year. The city also named as the city with the highest ozone pollution in the state.

The Causes Of Air Pollutions In Texas

Air Pollution In Houston And Texas

Air pollution caused by the oil drilling has destroyed the environment of Texas. To obtain crude oil, the oil companies make use of drilling machines that pierce the ground, thereby releasing crude oil. The byproduct of crude oil is flammable and explosive, known as natural gas. If the drilling machines are operated without care, there is a danger of natural gas catching fire and causing air pollution. In addition, air pollution is also caused by the vehicles driven by the oil drilling workers. These vehicles are usually driven non-stop and emit a very large amount of smoke. As the workers are used to this environment, they do not realize the harm they are causing to the environment.

Are Air Pollution Levels In  Houston A Cause For Concern?

According to Temple’s Daily Environment Report, Houston’s air pollution levels have been getting worse. In the spring of 2013, for example, there were over 30 days when the air quality index was higher than the World Health Organization’s recommended maximum of 300. The problem is caused by several factors, not least of which is the oil industry. This is exemplified by coal-fired power plants and oil refineries that are located along the Ship Channel, and it has led to high levels of ozone and particulate matter in the air. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has started programs to help people in the area get access to cleaner air and lower their risk for heart disease and cancer. These efforts include encouraging people to bike to work and home, reducing engine idling and raising awareness about air pollution levels. See also Air pollution

Tips To Reduce Air Pollution

  • Try using Solar power in all the electrical equipment like Fridge, Lights, TV and other personal electrical stuff.
  • Use low power bulbs, they give same amount of light using less power. 
  • Use public transport. 
  • Walk/Cycle/Ride to work as much as possible.
  • Use Energy efficient electrical appliances and electronics.