After Suffering, Blackie Faces Death in Georgia


by Denise Carey-Costa

Every stray has a tale, a story like no other, unique and all its own. Some of these stories will bring tears to our eyes, make us angry and question man’s cruelty to his fellow creatures.Blackie

Blackie, a ten-year-old Lab/Rottweiler mix was dumped at Floyd County Animal Control in Rome, GA by his owner. When he arrived, he was all skin and bones. From the looks of him he had not had one decent day in his life, never knew the love of a kind hand or word. He is a sad, sad dog.

He was so starved for food he gulped it down so fast he almost choked. The shelter workers have been working with him so he is getting better with eating.

There is a strong belief that he was abused by a woman somewhere in this poor dog’s life. His trust in women is gone but he is okay with men.

Now after a ten years of abuse and neglect, the end of the line for Blackie is a dark concrete cell, no windows, no sunlight and only a metal grate to lie on. A shelter that will unfortunately kill him if no one steps forward.

It would be nothing short of a tragedy to let this senior dog die without ever having felt the love and kindness of another.

He, like every other dog that suffers his same fate deserves a chance. A chance at a life where he is cared for, appreciated and loved.

Tuesday February 24th is the deadline for Blackie.

His ID number is 0134 and he has $100.00 in sponsorship for whomever steps up and saves him.

If you can help Blackie please email and write “Rescue Offer” in the subject line. or 706-506-3611
Or 704-288-7272

Or visit Blackie’s adoption site at:


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