Newsflash— Houston is a very outdoor-oriented city. The metro area has numerous opportunities to get out and enjoy nature in both small and large scales (such as an urban downtown park) (a 2,000-acre preserve). So keep reading and get planning!

Prairie Tranquility

The Armand Bayou Nature Center, a huge 2,500-acre refuge located between Pasadena and Galveston Bay, is a great place to get lost in the backwaters. But that’s why there are guided tours. A leisurely early canoe ride around the park allows you to see a variety of wildlife, including alligators, deer, and waterfowl. There are also kilometers of hiking trails that lead tourists through the tall grass prairie, bayou, and woodland ecosystems found at the center. The Martyn farm home, which offers a view of rural living and over a century ago, is a great place to get a flavor of 1890s farm life. Next, visit the Bison Observation Deck at the center to admire the 2 bison Armand Bayou purchased in 2008. Take a night tour for a slightly eerie experience. A moonlight pontoon ship excursion and  a hayride through the plains are available at the facility. Guides will use spotlights to show you the nocturnal species that call this location home, such as raccoon & armadillos.