A Summer of Prodigal Sons

A Summer of Prodigal Sons

~ Amy Lignor

There hasn’t been this much ‘buzz’ about prodigal sons returning home since…well, the actual prodigal son returned home. But within the ridiculous web of intrigue that LeBron James has brought to the sports arena – a man who is now heading back to a new ‘welcoming’ fan base who once thought that LeBron’s face on urinal mats was a home décor item that could not be lived without – comes a prodigal son of the NFL.


brett favre-3No one – no matter what foolishness may have occurred – can say that Brett Favre was a bad quarterback. The guy knew his talents and abilities, and brought home the big kahuna to Green Bay. He would laugh on the field like a college boy (especially when he and the 49ers got together; he and Steve Young always resembled those rival teens that pulled hair on the field and had a contest to see how many goldfish they could swallow off the field).


Favre was all smiles, and after a hit could jump back up as if nothing but a small breeze had knocked him over. He was also that great QB you wish to remember because they could take the team to the big game, and win. Even though there was a bit of a fallout with Favre and Green Bay (no urinal mats, however; Green Bay is far classier than that – note the heads of cheese they wear); they are definitely a fan base that knows their ‘greats’ when they see them.


Yes, No. 4 will be inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame, and the uniform retired so as no one will ever forget the colorful play that Favre brought to the game. It is odd that even Favre was surprised by this news. When former team president Bob Harlan brought Favre on stage at a news conference to announce the induction, Brett actually looked surprised and said: “Wow, I’m speechless.”


Brett will join some serious bigwigs in the NFL when he joins the Packers Hall of Fame July 18, 2015. The retirement of Number 4 joins major players and household names that have stood the test of time, including Bart Starr (No. 15) and Reggie White (No. 92).


A great deal like Joe Montana was in San Francisco, although he didn’t actually retire, Brett Favre did…and then decided to ‘come back’ out of retirement in David_Martin82_Brett_Favre4-Edit22008 to play with the Jets and then the Minnesota Vikings. Montana played with Kansas City, although San Francisco is where his career, life and passion remained. For Brett, no matter where he played, he was always a Packer…for 16 years, as a matter of fact.


“I was proud to say that I am a Packer and will always be a Packer and am honored that I’ve gotten the opportunity to do that.” This is what Favre stated, also
touching on the fact that this induction holds the same sort of thrill and excitement for him as did beating the Bengals in the very first game he ever played in the NFL.


Favre will be the only inductee in next year’s class, and at the same time No. 4 will be retired for good. In the 2015 season, fans will be able to see Favre’s name and number as it is added to the north façade of Lambeau Field, forever making him a part of the Packers’ incredible dynasty.


This is not a man who ever assumed he would be welcomed back by his home team. In reality, Favre will be stepping on Lambeau Field turf for the first time when this ceremony is held since he visited as a Vikings player in 2010. In that season, wearing that jersey, he was very much shunned by the Packers’ ardent fans, so it will be interesting to see if the ‘standing ovation’ that he really does deserve, happens.


Source:  Baret News Wire

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