A Presidential Journey to the Minds of Masters

A Presidential Journey to the Minds of Masters

~ Samantha Lewis

Yes, the President of the United States has been dealing with some pretty tough issues of late. Of course, that comes with the job. But after the NATO summit – which was high on intensity, considering the fact that the evil of ISIS is hanging everywhere right now, with more and Obama_portrait_cropmore people thinking yet another group who harm people in the name of religion are on the prowl – it seemed that Obama felt like standing in an area that actually has a bearing on major issues he deals with every day.


Stonehenge is a circle of monoliths – everyone knows what they are, or has had the gift of being able to stand in the center and feel the awe that surrounds them by the unknown past. But Stonehenge also signifies modern-day problems; from labor, considering the fact that people had to have created Stonehenge and even though there are theories all over the place, no one really knows how they were able to stand those humongous rocks up; to the issue of wisdom. Let’s face it, we will never know what happened in this area, but there were once people who seemed to know something we most definitely do not…or, the answers have somehow gotten lost in translation along the way. It is a fact that they were listening far better than the rest of us, and would definitely not agree to the expanding of technology, and ruining the earth with some pretty dumb choices.


Stonehenge is protected; of course, so is the Acropolis in Athens and various other OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlandmarks that can never be replaced. Yet, they have seen ruin and destruction by modern-day war. Yet again, we are not walking in the steps of wisdom – we are stomping them out completely. Environmentally, historically, and basically, just the magnificence of these ancient structures, makes them necessary for one and all to study. Perhaps if we did just that, we would find a way to stop the killing of the earth, as well as the threatening and destruction of humans.


Obama made a comment that most all of the visitors make. “How cool is this!” Don’t fault him for that one, guys. This is one structure that takes the breath away; you actually feel like you’ve walked into another time period and are just waiting for someone to come sit beside you and explain what, how, who, why – everything there is to know about what Stonehenge is all about.


Obama took a few minutes away from the pain, agony and problems of the world, and walked around the famous standing stones in Wiltshire, England. He took the path that people have taken for centuries, staring up at the 4,500-year-old stones, attempting to take it all in…and perhaps gain that wisdom to make the right decisions. Yes, it could very well be an astronomical calendar, or a place of healing, or a marker for actual energy lines that are buried in the earth that the Druids knew all about. And that we, as a people, only think of digging up or building over.


And although clues have been unearthed, Stonehenge will most likely always remain a mystery. But no matter what, it should remain a mystery that’s still standing. Of course, there are plans, councils, organizations, acts, laws, etc., that are on the books and (supposedly) helping the world become a better place. But to become even better, changes have to occur, and perhaps heading back will enliven the future.


Everything from the environment to the weight of technology, to finding alternative energy sources, to producing jobs…all of these 21st century issues can find answers from the masters of the past. Let us just hope that the ones in ‘charge’ are listening.


Source: Baret News Wire

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