A Highly Debated Piece of Technology Serves a Purpose


A Highly Debated Piece of Technology Serves a Purpose

by Amy Lignor


When even saying the word “drone” in 2016, debates spark up immediately as to whether they are safe, they are needed, and what they can even do to save countries and people from war and terrorist attacks. Just this week we have seen horrific bombings occur in the stunning city of Belgium, and politicians vying for the Oval Office coming out to assert their thoughts and ideas about the future of national security (some being quite frightening). However, when stepping away from the “politics” of this technology, the idea of drones and the use of drones when it comes to environment and conservation efforts is definitely good.

Sumatran rhino

Think about what it would be like to have miracles reported each day instead of pain. Just this week a believed to be extinct creature rejoined the world when a Sumatran rhino was found. Thought to be completely gone from Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo, the rhino had not been seen in forty years. The World Wildlife Fund on Tuesday announced that a female Sumatran rhino was there, and was safely transported to a more secure location. Once in its new home, the very rare rhino will be better protected from poachers. There are plans to move even more animals there in the near future to start a population that has been sadly missing.


What is quite successful is the wide use of drones for environmental research and wildlife preservation. In this category, the drone technology is more commonly referred to as unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or eco-drones. At this moment monitoring the polar ice melt in order to help determine animal migration patterns, eco-drones are the perfect piece of technology when it comes to reaching impossible sites and causing minimal impact to the surroundings.


Not only can the eco-drones track and photograph species that are extremely hard to monitor, like that amazing rhino, but they also collect data for conservationists so that the full understanding of the land and its resources can be had by people who choose to protect that land.


Eco-drones are also extremely successful when it comes to finding poachers and stopping the threat they cause to a variety of species. And when a species needs to be monitored to protect human life, the eco-drones also come into play. Right now the technology is being used to spot sharks off the California coast in order to help lifeguards better monitor the beaches.

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Climate changes, monitoring air pollution in rapidly expanding areas…the list goes on. So, remember during these political debates the importance of eco-drones for the health and welfare of the environment and aiding in animal protection. As it stands now, they are one of the most worthwhile and helpful pieces of “green” technology ever to be created.

Images:  Shark-Spotting Drones Protect Swimmers     Sumatran rhinoceros

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