The Perfect Roasted Duck

The hunt, itself, is a memory that lasts a good long time. But for those who do not wish to head to the taxidermist, a recipe to create a mouth-watering meal is another path to consider.

Flying Arrow Archery’s Tom-Bomb Extreme

  Flying Arrow Archery’s Tom-Bomb Extreme Puts the Smackdown on Gamebirds By Burt Carey Not content with its uber-popular 2.5-inch Tom-Bomb, Flying Arrow Archery added another inch of cutting-edge blades to create the Tom-Bomb Extreme as part of the Tim Wells Signature Series. Bowhunters who fix their sites on pheasants, ducks, geese, pigeons and even […]

HEVI-Metal #6 Shot Size Teal Loads

Teal are invading flyways across the United States and hunters are out in full force looking to put a few of these fast flyers on the water. Teal, by design, are small birds. In fact, a male blue-winged teal tips the scales at just over a pound and measures a mere 16-inches long. Green-winged teal […]

Birds and Animals Dying of Lead Poisoning

  The hunting community is always trying to focus on the issues that harm our environment and cause various species to be erased from this planet. In fact, they are the largest contributors to everything from the EPA to local and community parks, etc. There are, however, those that give the hunting community a bad […]

Bird Watching: The Mighty Ducks

  There are not many areas of hunting or even angling that are as creative as the duck world. The cool names alone make them one of the most interesting species on the planet. Which means it comes as no surprise that scores of binoculars, fun calls, and the friendly retriever are all part of […]