New Skeeter Team Advantage Deck Offers Unmatched Storage Options


New Skeeter Team Advantage Deck Offers Unmatched Storage Options

By Craig Lamb

It should be of no surprise that Skeeter Boats, the leading innovator in bass boat design, has answered the call for functional storage with its new Team Advantage deck layout. The ingenious design basically combines two front decks into the sum of a whole.

Tackle manufacturers are inventing specific lures, rods, and reels as bass fishing tactics become more highly specialized. Until now, the challenge has been where to store and keep organized the myriad lengths and actions of rods and required lures aboard the boat. Simply stated, being versatile no longer wins tournaments. It takes a pile of rods and lots of utility boxes to carry everything it takes to be competitive.

Team Advantage adds more room and functionality to the most important space inside a tournament-grade bass boat. The front deck.

Most impressive are the multiple compartments—8 of them in all—that can be customized to fit the needs of one or more anglers. Tournament anglers now have unlimited options for storing rods and tackle in the same compartments with Team Advantage.

The redesigned front deck is standard in the 2018 ZX250 and ZX225.

Skeeter Boats offers a revolutionary Deck Layout

The Team Advantage concept is ideal for the exploding popularity of high school and college competitions due to its unique, nearly symmetrical design. Two anglers can create and customize separate deck storages for rods and utility boxes, keeping them all organized and ready for action. The design is also ideal for solo anglers and especially touring pros. There is no longer the need to leave anything behind that you want with you for a day on the water.

Another exciting feature and Skeeter exclusive are the new Mega Rod Tubes that run the length of the deck. The concept is specifically designed to keep sleeved rods better organized for quick access and use. Mega Rod Tubes are in both the port and starboard center storage compartments. Also in the center rod lockers, there is room for up to 17 Plano® 3700 boxes below your rods.

Roomy and versatile… the two best words to describe the compartmentalized storage from starboard to port. On the port side of the boat and just forward of the passenger seat is a newly redesigned glove box, and ahead of that is a segmented day box for storing hot baits, lure rigs and small tools.

And what really sets the design apart is the port side dual-functional rod and utility box storage. The design allows the user to store rods up to 7 feet ahead of at least five utility boxes, all in the same storage compartment. Do you prefer to store all your rods on the port side? Remove the utility boxes, and the compartment becomes a dedicated storage for rods up to 9 feet.


If the proof is in the design, then having the space to store 25 plus rods is fact enough that Team Advantage offers more storage organization for the serious angler.

On the starboard side of the deck there are two more storage compartments, and another day box. A rear compartment just forward of the day box provides easy access to 6 more Plano® boxes. Ahead of that compartment is more storage for bulkier items like PFDs, outerwear and other gear.

These are all standard features on the new 2018 ZX250 and ZX225:

Team advantage deck layout with eight front deck compartments

Mega Rod Tubes for quick storage and deployment

Twin port and starboard day boxes

Twin center rod storages

Port rod/utility box storage

Starboard utility box storage

Starboard gear storage

Plano® 3700 utility boxes (11)

Lowrance® HDS Elite TI electronics

8’ Power-Pole®

Minn Kota® Fortrex® trolling motor

Skeeter Built™ tandem axle trailer with new front deck step and trailer tongue steps

Swing away tongue

Both models feature a long list of new features adding to their appeal including new seat design and color matched styling, as well as new design for windshield, console, cockpit, and steering wheel.

Check out the 2018 ZX250 and ZX225 to experience the new Team Advantage deck layout on a boat that’s engineered, and organized, like no other.

Learn more at You can request a brochure or download a catalog, build your dream rig, and get Skeeter Team merchandise.  Got a question? They’ve got answers at the Skeeter factory in Kilgore, Texas. Call (903) 984-0541, or find the nearest dealer here.


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