Duck Down: Experience Waterfowl Hunts in the “Golden Triangle”

Duck Down: Experience Waterfowl Hunts in the “Golden Triangle”


When it comes to exploring great locations for the waterfowl hunt, the State of Arkansas should be at the top of the list.


Resting in Stuttgart, Arkansas – like a jewel among the grass – is 3,000 acres located in the heart of Arkansas’s Grand Prairie. It is here the Duck Down Guide Service can be found and is literally a duck hunter’s paradise. With exclusive access to hunt more acres and offer a wider variety of hunting options than any other guide service in or around Stuttgart, Duck Down is simply waiting for you to book your guided duck, goose, dove or predator hunt for the upcoming seasons.

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It is important to note that Duck Down is not your ordinary guide service; you will not be taken to the same shot up and shot out blind day after day after day. In fact, it is the amount of acreage that has been one of the biggest keys to Duck Down’s absolute success. Another key comes from the fact that Duck Down is located only 15 minutes west of the “Duck & Rice Capitol of the World,” and only a mile or so north of the largest wildlife management area in the entire state (Bayou Meto) that is managed specifically for ducks. Hundreds of thousands of ducks inhabit Bayou Meto’s 33,000 acres, and when the season opens, thousands of hunters from Arkansas and other states all over the country flock to this world famous area to hunt. This constant hunting pressure causes the ducks to seek refuge in the nearby fields of Duck Down’s farm, which is why there is never a shortage and the waterfowl hunter finds the ultimate success.


When you book your hunt, know that you will be hunting in what is known as “the golden triangle” of Arkansas duck country. With more than 2 million migrating waterfowl calling this area their home for the winter, by utilizing Duck Down, you are set upon a remarkable piece of property that was the largest land transaction ever made in Southeast Arkansas history.


Currently taking reservations for the 2017/2018 Hunting Seasons, (1st season: November 18-26; 2nd season: December 7-23; and 3rd season: December 26-January 28), it is time to include yourself in one of the popular Duck Down Arkansas Guided Duck Hunts.

These guided morning hunts begin one hour before legal shooting time and end at 10:00am. At that time, your guide gathers the decoys and prepares for the ride out. Afternoon hunts begin at 2:30pm and end at the close of legal shooting time. The packages that include lodging come with a great stay at B’s Duck Lodge/Big Jim’s Lodge, and the prices are as follows:

            1 Day Duck Hunting & Lodging Package – $445.00 / $570.00

               *1 person for 1 guided morning duck hunt with lodging and meals;

            2 Day Duck Hunting & Lodging Package – $890.00 / $1,140.00

            *1 person for 2 guided morning duck hunts with 2 nights lodging and meals;

            3 Day Duck Hunting & Lodging Package – $1,335.00 / $1,710.00

               *1 person for 3 guided morning duck hunts with 3 nights lodging and meals;

            4 Day Duck Hunting & Lodging Package – $1,780.00 / $2,380.00

            *1 person for 4 guided morning duck hunts with 4 nights lodging and meals;

            And the 5 Day Duck Hunting & Lodging Package – $2,225.00 / $2,850.00

            *1 person for 5 guided morning duck hunts with 5 nights lodging and meals

There are even combo hunting packages with lodging and meals where the hunter can not only enjoy the duck hunts in the morning, but also be thrilled with the guided afternoon Speckle Belly Goose hunts. This is acreage that is well-known for the high numbers of Speckle Belly geese that migrate down and claim the Duck Down property as their winter home. Responding to the calls as well as the mallard does, these birds have exceptional eyesight, which makes for a more adventurous and thrilling hunt. But once the decoys are set and all hunters are hidden, these birds can’t seem to resist the sweet ‘yodels’ and ‘clucks’ that the Duck Down guides have mastered.


These combo hunts are also available in packages ranging from 1 day to 5 days, and included with the package hunts are: lodging, meals, maid service, transportation to and from blind, gas, bird retrieval, hunting location, hunting blind, decoys, batteries, bird processing, bird packaging and that experienced and excellent Duck Down hunting guide.


So brush up on that “fowl” language of yours, get the calls in check, and book your trip to that “golden triangle” of Arkansas duck country that awaits the passionate waterfowl hunter in you!





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