The Day After the Day Of

The sky sheds its tears. This morning is the morning of the day after

Lies: Everybody’s an Expert

I know a dirty little secret, and chances are it’s about you. I can’t believe you would lie to so many people! And it’s not just you! Most of us are filthy liars! OK, I’ll admit it if you admit it with me. Here we go: “Yes, I’ve falsified my resume. I always have and […]

Bring Your Social Media Message Home with Surprise Branded Giveaways

As a social media maven, you face some mighty big challenges in getting your voice heard. Everyone, and their mother, is “going social” and sending content out into the cloud hoping to “go viral” and be the next big thing. Your followers and fans are getting hit left and right with pleas for retweets or […]

Can You Make a Good Idea into a Business?

Plenty of people come up with great ideas, but very few of those ideas become successful businesses. Before you quit your day job to start your own business, you need to think carefully about what you plan to sell and if it can be a profitable venture. You should take some time to research your […]

Why You Should Have a Virtual Assistant

If you have your own business, you know that it can be difficult to get everything done in a day, and sometimes things just slip through the cracks. If your business is run from your home and is small, it might seem silly to get an assistant or employee to help you, but a virtual […]

Graduation Gift Bag for Congratulating a Friend on a Job Well Done

A high school graduation is a life-changing milestone. In order to reach this achievement, students must put forth an incredible amount of effort, and often conquer an impressive amount of adverse conditions. Furthermore, a high school diploma generally represents a larger number of opportunities in the workforce. If a friend is getting ready to graduate […]

Staying Calm in a Tax Audit

The IRS is in the business of collecting taxes from people around the country. They check returns for accuracy, and they will notify you if they find a mistake. They might even decide to perform an audit, which is a more detailed examination of your taxes. If you receive a notice that you are going […]

Colorado is the Place to be for a Career in the Defense Industry

While many military contractors are downsizing due to budget cuts handed down from the Department of Defense, jobs in Colorado Springs are climbing. While mass lay-offs are looming in the defense industry, contractors in Colorado Springs are booming with business. If you want to work in the defense or aerospace industry, this is the region […]

What My Soul-Searching Trip Led Me To

Sweta Srivastava Vikram relates soul-searching to the understanding in a relationship and the way it works or fails to work between people. Everywhere I turn, I see a relationship break. A divorce or two happen. People moving on. New chapters written. Old ones becoming a bookmark for years to come. Yes, many of my friends […]

How to Combat the Flu Before it Arrives

Heather Grey shares some useful tips on prevention of flu. Medicine does not come cheap, and people who can’t afford flu treatments are far more likely to die from it than from many other threats within the modern world. It’s not something that people can afford to take lightly, and that’s doubly true for the […]