Book a Cajun Cast-and-Blast Trip for Exceptional Fishing, Hunting


Book a Cajun Cast-and-Blast Trip for Exceptional Fishing, Hunting

By Craig Lamb

If you hunt and fish the idea of combining the better of two worlds in one trip seems impossible. There is one place you can do both, and that is in a special corner of south Louisiana.

Nowhere else can you enjoy a morning of amazing waterfowl hunting, and then spend the afternoon catching an inshore bonanza of saltwater species.

Teal, mallard, canvasback, pintail and red heads. Redfish, speckled trout, flounder, triple tail and more. Morning. Afternoon. Blast and cast.

All of it is possible with a trip to Venice, Louisiana, which sits in the middle of this ideal world, where species of saltwater and waterfowl are polarized to a location like none other.

The place to book this fantasy is Home Run Fishing Charters and Lodge, where world-class fishing and waterfowl hunting is served with world-class service, first class lodging, Cajun hospitality and gourmet dining.

Waterfowl hunters and avid anglers now have a first-time opportunity to experience a new trip package from Home Run Charters & Lodge. It’s the Blast and Cast package.

The all-inclusive package includes lodging, meals, hunting, fishing, and cleaning of fish and waterfowl. 

“This is our first year to offer a cast and blast, and it will be a first class operation, just like everything else we set forth to do,” said Glen Newell, an owner at Home Run Charters & Lodge.

Newell isn’t kidding. Home Run Charters & Lodge has access to over 10,000 acres of marsh from which to hunt. You will be safely transported to the blind with experienced guides. A well-heeled kennel of dogs assures the best of success in retrieving your birds. The blinds from which you will hunt are the best available. Best of all, you can leave the hip waders at home.

Private access to thousands of acres means lots of ducks to clean and package for the trip home. The all-inclusive package includes plucking, processing and even Cryovac vacuum packing for all ducks harvested by the hunter.

“We are the only operation that includes this service in our all-inclusive package,” added Newell.

What sets Home Run Charters & Lodge apart from every other cast and blast trip are three things. Those are location, location, and location.

“We are fortunate to be in the most prolific environment there could ever be for growing inshore species,” said Capt. John Pisa. “Our marshes and surrounding habitat also sets up a smorgasbord for waterfowl during the season.”

The Mississippi River’s confluence with the Gulf of Mexico is the reason. The magic happens in the marshes and inshore waters where the river infuses the saltwater environment with nutrients.

The Mississippi River Flyway also ends here. Habitat, favorable weather and food funnel waterfowl down the river and into the coastal marshes. From early teal migrations in September to late season mallards, the area supports the best waterfowl hunting around.

Fall is also the best time for inshore fishing. Hurricane season is over. Fishing pressure is low. The river is at its lowest and clearest of any time of year. Expect to see redfish tailing in the shallows, and sight casting adds to the allure.

Take a look around Venice, and you’ll be glad you booked at Home Run Charters & Lodge. The Lodges at Home Run Charters is not your average fish camp. Arrive, and you find elegance, comfort, and first-class service, dining, and lodging. 

Three separate lodges each have a living room, wide-screen TVs, free WiFi with a printer, dining room, bar and kitchen. You can cook your own meals or experience gourmet dining. Big pork chops, prime steaks, and Louisiana seafood, the freshest around, are on the menu.

Luxury living means the same experience for dining at the lodge. The all-inclusive plan includes a decadent five-course meal, breakfast, and a to-go lunch for the fishing day. Check out details about the lodge and dining here.

Bookings go fast, so contact us soon to make reservations. Call us at (504) 982-8862, or (504) 909-TUNA.

Click here for more about the Blast & Cast trips. Find out more about the inshore fishing by clicking here. Click here to visit and find out everything you need to know about booking a trip.


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